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The start of a wonderful relationship. Sanjay and Cathy Fall 2014.

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Sanjay and Cathy


                   The Story . . . .

of a Beautiful Relationship . . .

It started with a question . . .

"How about we . . .

A man named Sanjay;

Searched far and wide

He saw a picture of Cathy

And wondered

"What was behind those blue eyes?"


have dinner at Lukson?"


This is the story of their meeting . . . 

And getting to know

each other true.


After dinner, came the Bowl


And a picnic made


for two.


Long talks over coffee,

Sometimes dinner and a drink,

Even yoga side by side,

Helping mind and body sync . . .

Venice Beach 

A modern romance commenced

emails, phone calls,

texts and audio too



Samurai and India

coffee and drinks,

I long to know

"What do you think?" 

Memories are made

with recipes tried and true




at Thanksgiving time


Oh, what a view!



Our eyes they are warmimg 


Our hearts are fluttering too


We bravely say "I like you"

Saban Theatre and the GMCLA Holiday concert

There is more to this story,

that's yet to unfold,

we are enjoying the journey

and all that it holds.



Merry Christmas, KiKi